I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Physics, in the UNESP - São Paulo State University, Botucatu, São Paulo with undergraduate experiences in radiology laboratories, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance theories and practice. I had two main undergraduate internships: with environmental stable isotopes, in the Center for Environmental Stable Isotopes and Liquid Nitrogen, IBB-UNESP, and with functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging + Electroencephalography (EEG-fMRI) technique, in the Gleb Wataghin Physics Institute (IFGW) of the University of Campinas (UNICAMP). I have a Master's degree and Ph.D. in Neuroscience (UNICAMP) working with several computational techniques applied to MRI data of Epilepsy patients. Currently, I am working in the Neuroimaging Laboratory, (Department of Neurology, UNICAMP) as a Research Physicist applying multimodal techniques in the fields of Neuroscience and Neurophysics.


Research Physicist at University of Campinas - Neuroimaging Lab. (March 2013 - current)

  • ​​Development and assistance of neuroimaging and neuroscience research.

  • UNICAMP Hospital Health Care Activity: Surgical neuronavigation images processing, planning, and patient-machines coregistration.

  • UF²C Software Coordinator (2015 - current)

  • CEPID BRAINN Associate Researcher (2017 - current)

  • Frontiers Neurology Guest Associate Editor in Applied Neuroimaging (2020 - current)

  • Principal Researcher (FAPESP Regular Grant #2017/25795-7): Large-Scale EEG-fMRI Data Exploration Applied to Epilepsies (2018 - 2021)


Doctorate Degree (PhD) (2013 - 2016): Neuroscience Doctorate program (Capes 7), at the University of Campinas, to obtain the title of Doctor in Neuroscience. Working with multimodal techniques applied to neuroscience and neurophysics: Functional and Structural brain connectivity, Functional MRI applied to epilepsy, DTI, and software programming.


Masters Degree (MSc) (2011 - 2013): Neuroscience master's program (Capes 7), at the University of Campinas to obtain the title of Master in Science. Working with multimodal techniques applied to neuroscience and neurophysics.


Researcher in International Internship (2012 - 2012): Worked on a collaborative project between Donald Gross of the University of Alberta and Fernando Cendes (UNICAMP) focused on analyzing Diffusion Tensor Imaging data from patients with Epilepsy.





Grants and Awards

  • CAPES Thesis Award in Medical area 2016 (Countrywide Best Medical area I thesis)

  • Best conference paper, VI - CONFIAM - UNESP. 2010.

  • Honorable mention (coautor). 6ª Semana de Pesquisa da Faculdade de Ciências Médica da UNICAMP. 2012.

  • Masters Grant FAPESP 03/2011-03/2013

  • Research Internship grant (University of Alberta)

  • Best conference paper (coautor), DCNCE/ABN -2015.

  • Best conference paper (coautor), BRAINN - University of Campinas - 2nd BRAINN Congress.

Contact email: brunnoATunicamp.br



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