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Relaxo LNI Requirement

  • MS Windows operating system

Relaxo LNI has currently the following functionalities:

  • Open raw DICOM multi-echoes T2 images

  • Whole-brain T2 estimation (exportable image in NIfTI)

  • Manual segmentation using free-hand or circular ROI tools (ROIs exportable in NIfTI)

  • Multiple visualization options: raw T2 (any echo), T2 with inverted contrast (make the T2 similar to a T1WI),  quantified T2, and registered T1 (the tool performs the affine registration automatically)

  • You can draw your ROIs in several slices, creating a volume of interest (VOI). After drawing, you decide which ROI (slice) will be "captured" for the report, quantifications, and exportable NIfTI outputs.

  • You will always have available the ROI intensities histogram (considering the background image, whatever you choose). This provides information that enables ROIs uniformity during the drawing procedure.

  • During the drawing procedure, the tool provides the T2 value, all ROI echoes values, and the relaxation plot in REAL-TIME!

Relaxo LNI Interface and output examples:

Initial View: Left Hipócampus ROI
Zoom-in left hippocapus
Contrast inverted Image: ROI "captured" for report
Contrast inverted Image: zoom-in left hippocapus
Exported quantified image and exported ROI oppened with MRIcroN software
Report export folder with exported files
Exported table containing information for each frame/slice "captured"
Complex hippocampus segmentation. Background is the T2 image with inverted contrast option
Example of results tabulations and information

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